Science fund of Republic of Serbia – PROMIS program 2020-2022

Rational design of multifunctional electrode interface for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen production

Implemented by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Physical Chemistry (FPC) and the Institute for multidisciplinary research of University of Belgrade (IMSI)

The goal is to develop a new family of noble metal-free electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction guided by a combination of multiscale modeling and rational computational design with synthesis, characterization, and experimental testing.

The concept is based on the atomic-scale understanding and control of various interfacial processes at complex electrode interfaces in order to boost the hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media.

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The project is led by Dr. Igor Pašti (FPC). The team includes Dr. Biljana Šljukić Paunković (FPC), Dr. Uroš Lačnjevac (IMSI), Dr. Nemanja Gavrilov (FPC), Dr. Ana Dobrota (FPC) and Aleksandar Jovanović (FPC)

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је DSC_3584-1024x510.jpg
From left to right: Igor, Uroš, Ana, Biljana, Nemanja and Aleksandar


  1. A. Z. Jovanović, S. V. Mentus, N. V. Skorodumova, I. A. Pašti, Reactivity Screening of Single Atoms on Modified Graphene Surface: From Formation and Scaling Relations to Catalytic Activity, Advanced Materials Interfaces (2020) 2001814,, preprint available at
  2. I. Pašti, A. Dobrota, S. Gutić, A. Jovanović, S. Mentus, How Theory Can Help Us with Engineering Graphene-Based Materials for Electrochemical Applications?, ISE 2020, Belgrade Virtual Meeting, September 2020, invited lecture

New equipment

  • Upgrades to Phenom ProX Scanning Electron Microscope for particle metrics and 3D surface reconstruction
  • Plasma sputter coater for preparation of samples for SEM.


Dr. Igor Pašti, associate professor, email:, phone: +381 11 3336 625


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