Optimizing Fuel Cell Catalyst Stability upon Integration with Reforming

OFICeR – G5729

Towards stable graphene-based PEMFC catalyst support
for autonomous operation


Stable and affordable PEM-FC will allow the reliable autonomous supply of electricity by replacing a typical high-surface-area with graphene-based carbon by decreasing the Pt content

Stability of PEM-FC catalyst will be addressed: by feedback between synthesis, modeling, and advanced characterization

New Pt-modified-graphene and non-Pt-modified-graphene composites will be developed and tested at relevant conditions (diesel reformer)


OFICeR combines modern synthetic procedures, state-of-the-art theoretical calculations, and some of the most advanced materials characterization tools in order to reach project goals.


Project is implemented by NIC (project director assoc. prof. dr. Nejc Hodnik, middle), UNSA (project co-director assoc. prof. dr. Sanjin Gutić, left), and FPC (project co-director assoc. prof. dr. Igor Pašti, right).

NIC – National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

UNSA – University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Science, Sarajevo, B&H

FPC – University of Belgrade – Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Belgrade, Serbia

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Physical Chemistry team

Igor Paštiassociate professorCalculations, electrochemical measurements
Nemanja Gavrilovassistant professorSynthesis, electrochemical measurements
Ana Dobrotaassistant professorCalculations
Aleksandar Jovanovićteaching assistantCalculations, electrochemical measurements
Milena Petkovićfull professorCalculations
Biljana Šljukić Paunkovićassociate professorSynthesis, electrochemical measurements
Ivana Stojković-Simatovićassociate professorSynthesis, electrochemical measurements
Gordana Ćirić-Marjanovićfull professorSynthesis, characterization

International team

Nejc HodnikNational Institute of ChemistryLaboratory Head
Urša PetekNational Institute of ChemistryPostdoctoral Research Associate
Primož JovanovičNational Institute of ChemistryPostdoctoral Research Associate
Matija GataloNational Institute of ChemistryPostdoctoral Research Associate
Luka PavkoNational Institute of ChemistryPh.D. Student
Leonard MoriauNational Institute of ChemistryPh.D. Student
Stefan PopovićNational Institute of ChemistryPh.D. Student
Armin HrnjićNational Institute of ChemistryPh.D. Student
Blaž LikozarNational Institute of ChemistryDepartment Head
Sanjin GutićUniversity of Sarajevo, Faculty of ScienceAssociate Professor
Dalibor Karačić University of Sarajevo, Faculty of SciencePh.D. Candidate
Jelena OstojićUniversity of Sarajevo, Faculty of ScienceAssistant Professor

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Physical Chemistry project-related publications

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