Physical chemistry enjoys great significance in contemporary life. Development of new technologies and materials requires the application of multidisciplinary skills, which means that physical chemistry overlaps with other fundamental and applied sciences. New methods in production and novel techniques used in analyses of chemical and biological structures and materials dictate that contemporary curricula be organised as a synthesis of theoretical knowledge and experimental skills.

Graduates of the Faculty of Physical Chemistry can find work in a wide range of institutions and industry, in research and development jobs, where skills and knowledge are required not only of physical chemistry, but also of other natural sciences. A physical chemistry graduate diploma is key to other careers as well, which include education, but also marketing, or business.

The courses have been developed so as to be able to meet contemporary needs in both new and traditional skills and knowledge, but also in skills that are universally applicable, which enables the students to pursue their professional careers either in this country or abroad.

The studies are organised in such a way that knowledge and skills are obtained through lectures, consultations, seminars, and laboratory work. Specific to our Faculty is the fact that our students have an opportunity do individual laboratory work in a great number of courses.

Physical chemistry is an important interdisciplinary science, of vital significance in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, development and application of novel materials, energy conservation, environmental monitoring and protection, but also in business, the public domain, politics, etc. Modern technology and research requires professionals that are at ease with crossing traditional boundaries between sciences. Physical chemists can, thanks to their knowledge, be leaders or participants in various multidisciplinary teams.

At this moment, a large proportion of our alumni work in quite a range of professional fields around the world in the most elite laboratories.