• HiSuperBat


    FUNDED BY THE SCIENCE FUND OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Program for excellent projects of young researchers: PROMIS 2020-2022 APPROVED BUDGET CEILING IS EUR 180.689.98...

  • SPS Project G5836

    SPS Project G5836

    Kick‐Off Meeting of the SPS Project G5836 “Carbon-Based Batteries and Supercapacitors” Webex (online) meeting The kick-off meeting of the SUPERCAR project, funded by the NATO...

  • Припремна настава 2021.

    Припремна настава 2021.

    Бесплатна припремна настава из Oпште и физичке хемије за упис на ФФХ почиње 10. априла 2021. Пријавите се на: nastava@ffh.bg.ac.rs